Void Launcher Mod Pack Server Store

Welcome to the Voids Wrath mod pack donation page! This page is full if information on donation ranks for players on our mod pack servers! The donation ranks give a permanent spot on the server so you can never not join and also along with that you get very good perks for commands, protected plots and epic weapons! Our donator perks do not prevent you from playing the game normally without them like some servers where they restrict you from even talking! Donations go towards supporting the server and building the next mod pack server!

The store is broken into multiple parts! One being our voids wrath public server section and then our multiple sections for our fellowship public servers!

Voids Wrath Server Store Includes:
Voids Wrath Ranks

Fellowship Server Store Includes:
Fellowship Mordor Ranks
Fellowship Gondor Ranks
Fellowship Ars Magica Ranks
Fellowship Resource Packages

LOTR Characters

Donation Issues?
Email thevoidswrath@gmail.com for 24/ support

Recent donations
Portal Package • 15.00 USD
Void Militia • 15.00 USD
Portal Package • 15.00 USD
Pet Package • 10.00 USD
Void Militia • 15.00 USD